Miss Earth Australia 2019: And the Winner Is…

Seventeen worthy queens vied for a single crown on Sunday, September 8, 2019, and the coronation night turned out to be a smashing success!

The Miss Earth Australia 2019 coronation night went down at the grand ballroom in Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. This year’s cream of the crop for Miss Earth Australia consisted of Brihony Wells, Brittany Dickson, Chantelle Corby, Dela Amirikia, Gorisha Sharma, Mia Tran, Karyn Xie, Kerry Anne Peterson, Kristalea Dymott, Maddie Stock, Pauline Chapman, Peta Groves, Sheridan Mortlock, Sonia Kekatos, Susana Downes, Vena Raymond, and Yasmine Lintvelt.

This year’s competition also included musical performances from Sophie Dalisay and Makisig Morales. Last year’s winner, Monique Shippen decided to step down from her role as Miss Earth Australia 2018 so she handed the crown to Miss Earth Australia Air, Isabel Hislop who was on hand to pass her crown to the new Miss Earth Australia 2019, who will go on to represent Australia in the upcoming Miss Earth 2019 pageant.

Following a four-hour showdown of environmental speeches, gowns, glams and game-changing questions, here’s how things turned out for this year’s hopefuls…

From the left to right:

Miss Charity Australia 2019 – Brittany Dickson

– Green Achievers Award

Miss Water Australia 2019 – Karyn Xie

– Miss Friendship

– Best in Environmental Speech

Miss Earth Australia 2019 – Susana Downes

– Best in Talent

– Best in Evening Gown

– People choice award (online voting)

Miss Air Australia 2019 – Sheridan Mortlock

– Miss Photogenic

– The darling of the Press

Miss Fire Australia 2019 – Pauline Chapman

Congratulations to the current National Directors Juliet De Leon and Maria James and co-producer Marilou Gorga for pulling off an amazing night and hats off to the entire Miss Earth Australia 2019 team which consisted of Elmer Baylon and Joy Duca lead by Jas Lim – it was an amazing effort at a spectacular venue. Congratulations also to all the beautiful ladies and best of luck to the new Miss Earth Australia 2019 Susana Downes!

Beauty Queen Spotlight: Meet Miss Tonga Australia 2019 Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei

Ever since she was crowned Miss Tonga Australia, Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei has inspired many people around the country. Now, she plans to inspire many other people, helping women from the Pacific Islands reach their potential.

She first became involved in beauty pageants when she was approached by the director of Miss Tonga Australia Angela Lavaki. She decided to enter the competition and eventually, she ended up winning the crown. She admits that she thoroughly enjoyed her pageant experience, as it allowed her to grow as a person. For example, she has been able to develop more confidence as well as expand spiritually. One of the biggest lessons that she has learned is the importance of staying true to herself and her beliefs. However, the pageant experience has unfortunately also shown her the cruel nature of being in the limelight, as she received some cyberbullying because of who she is. Some online bullies were judging her based on her performance on the catwalk. Thankfully, the pageant experience has taught her about her self-worth. This enabled her to brush off upsetting online comments. Her success in the pageant industry has opened multiple opportunities for her to improve her community.

When Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei won Miss Tonga Australia she was presented with many prizes. However, one of the most fulfilling was giving her the chance to start a dialogue that would improve her community. For example, one of the first things she did was to attend a forum called “Tu-Pasifika: Your Inner Warrior”. This is aimed at starting a conversation about how women from the Pacific Islands can read their full potential. Throughout the event, she learned multiple important lessons, like the importance of creating spaces where young people feel empowered to speak up. She also learned the value of supporting young people, as they will be responsible for making future decisions. For this reason, she wants to use the rest of her reign to help increase the opportunities available to Pacific Islander women. She will do this by using various networking events to provide support to Pacific Islander businesses. She also wants to use these events to bring awareness to issues in her community.

Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei has a diploma of Event Management, which she plans to use to start a wedding consultancy business. In the future, she wants to own a wedding or event venue. She can be confident about achieving these dreams thanks to the strong support base she had amassed. From the many people who helped prepare her for the pageant to her parents, who continue to offer their full support. Thanks to their encouragement, Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei is making the most of her current title and becoming an inspiring figure to people in the Pacific Island community.

4 Powerful Mantras to Start Your Day, Find Peace, and Gain Success

Granted, some mornings are better than others! No matter what the mood or situation, you’ll be thanking yourself silly if you follow these 4 easy steps before leaving the house every morning. They will ensure you start your day off positively and with an air of complete determination and purpose.

1. I am just as good as the person next to me.

Always remember that the person you’re comparing yourself to is always going to be comparing themselves to someone too. You never know, it could even be you! Although a little bit of extra push and determination can come from comparisons, generally, making daily comparisons to others can be very detrimental to a woman’s thought process’. Constantly thinking ‘she’s much skinnier than me’ or, ‘she likes him more than she likes me’ is simply pure negativity. Remember that you are on the exact path in life you’re supposed to be on and everyone has a different path. The time taken to stop and look around at everyone else’s paths is simply going to slow you down on your own.

2. Today I will be brilliant.

For me, I find this to be very important. Every morning I wake up, look in the mirror and say (out loud), ‘today I will be brilliant!’ There are a few reasons for this – I promise there is a method to the madness. The first reason is that I like to use my voice before I have to speak to anyone else and embarrass myself with the husky cough we all know too well because the ole’ vocal chords aren’t warmed up. The second and more important reason is that positive self-talk is really important to a successful outlook on life.

3. I deserve the best

I think this is something women are constantly compromising on, and you know what? I’m sick of it ladies! Everyone deserves the absolute best when it comes to important matters of life! Now I’m not talking having the perfect espresso every morning from your local brewhouse, I’m talking much bigger picture! Things like relationships, jobs, and friends. Yes, it is hard to find a balance between the three, but simply aiming for the best will push you in the right direction. Settling for ‘just ok’ or ‘average’ should be a thing of the past!

4. Say Cheese!

Smiling as you walk out of the front door can be one of the most rewarding things you can do all day. It can truly set the tone for the rest of your day. The mere act of smiling releases endorphins and initiates a chemical reaction in your brain which forces happiness to conquer any feeling of unease. I find this technique especially useful when I’ve had one of those terrible mornings where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong! Even though you’re in a state wherein the very SheWitch Banshee from Hell would be afraid of you, forcing a smile will help you to leave all negativity behind you.

5 Simple Ways To Look Totally Fabulous On A Shoestring Budget

Let’s face it; it’s standard for fashion-conscious individuals to always look chic and fabulous.  They simply want to stand out in society with their fashion statement.  While it is true that Hollywood celebrities are the ones we copy our fashion styles from, but, we need not go to the point of imitating the brands of the clothes they wear!  Of course, we will always see them wearing expensive designer clothes.  But, if you’re a practical woman with a sense of fashion there are actually alternatives that will still make you look fabulous in a budget-friendly way.

Subscribe to Fashion Magazines

There are a lot of fashion magazines on the market today—Vogue, In Style, Vanity Fair, among others.  You just have to be keen on observing the fashion styles of famous celebrities and get an idea from there.  You don’t need to buy the exact brands that they are wearing especially if you are on a budget, but you can always visit sites like the budget babe who can show you where to get celeb outfits at a much cheaper price.

 Mix and Match

Checking out various fashion magazines have given us an idea what clothes look trendy and fashionably hot.  Do not be afraid to mix and match outfits.  It is important that we take courage and enjoy doing this; otherwise, we might end up uncomfortable with the clothes we mixed and matched.  If done correctly, you may be surprised at how it works wonders!  Your old jeans might look new when paired with a different t-shirt or shoe style and your vintage shirts or blouses will have a new look once paired with accessories.


You don’t need to have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe just to flash a different look every time you go out of our house.  All you need to do is buy neutral coloured clothes and heaps of accessories.  Investing in accessories is much cheaper than buying lots of clothes. You will be in awe of knowing how accessories can totally change the look and style of your clothes…transforming them into another kind of style that you never thought was even possible before.

Dig In Thrift Stores

You can find a lot of clothes on sale in thrift stores.  All you have to do is to have the patience and the eye for the right clothes that will match some of your old outfits.  Moreover, big department store chains also sell clothes on sale on an occasional or seasonal basis.  You have to be updated on those things in order to be the first one to buy the good stuff on sale.  Needless to say, the best things on sale are the first ones being sold.  So, the saying, “The early bird catches the early worm.” really fits into this scenario.

Change Your Hairstyle

Hair is our crowning glory…it can make or break us.  So, if we want to look fashionably hot without breaking out banks, then, we need to do something with our hairstyle.  Did you know that a different kind of hair colour or style can instantly make a fashion statement?  Also, do not underestimate what hair accessories can do.  If applied correctly to your hair, they can make you look a million dollar baby!

5 Simple Yet Effective Diet Plans to Shake Off Your Autumn Weight

Even the most stressed people let their hair down and hang ten during winter. So, in the most celebrated and comfortable time of the year, you find yourself relaxing and devouring three times the calorie per day you usually consume. And, unknowingly, you make it to three sizes up in just two weeks.

Now, you no longer fit into your favorite jeans, and you are forced to wear the sweatpants even if it’s Wednesday. Suddenly, wearing a bikini is not an option and the holidays don’t seem so appealing anymore.

Well, stop moping around about eating that bowl of chocolate ice cream and the three slices of strawberry cheesecake your mom made you. There’s no point in crying over spilled milk, or in your case, empty bottles of milk.

It’s time to get your A-game on and take back your body! Here are five simple and effective diet plans to shed off the excess weight:

Don’t skip breakfast

Just because you’ve eaten too much for the few weeks, doesn’t mean you have to stop eating anything to lose a few pounds. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, will only leave you starving and then wanting to eat more. This will then lead to gaining more weight, which is something that you don’t want.

Eat breakfast so you have the energy to do your tasks for the day. And, you won’t have the urge to eat a few sugary treats every now and then.

Drink more water

You feeling hungry almost every time is sometimes just your body telling you that you are thirsty. Next time you have an impulse to eat a chocolate bar, try drowning that impulse with a glass of water.

Moreover, your body mostly composed of water and getting hydrated all the time ensures that all the other parts get the necessary amount they need to function properly.

Eat your greens

Fiber is your friend. You want to inject more fibrous fodders in your meals because it helps you digest food better. Leafy green vegetables are rich in fiber and you have tons of selections from your local grocery and Farmer’s Market to choose from.

Aside from fiber, you are dosing up your body with much-needed nutrients, which you can only get from fresh veggies. Taking care of your body doesn’t mean just being thin enough for a bikini but also having the body and the energy to do the things you want to do.

Say goodbye to your bag of chips

Losing weight is already hard enough. There is no need to make it more difficult for yourself. So, throw away your bags and bags of junk food, and anything that isn’t necessary for your health.

Make an inventory of what is inside your fridge and kitchen cabinets and take out those that don’t fit into your healthy diet.


Yes, make a commitment. It is easy to choose the food that we eat but being consistent about it can be very challenging. An effective diet plan depends mostly on how unswerving and dedicated you are in following it.

Keep sight of your goal and don’t let a few chocolate bars take you off the right track. A few bites of pizza once in a while won’t hurt. And, of course, don’t forget to stay active and exercise. Your dream body is within your reach as long as you stay disciplined and you always put your health first.