Meet All The Winners And Grinners From The First Ever Australian Golden Sash Awards

Photo Cedit: Team LifePhotos

The 2019 AGSA (Australian Golden Sash Awards) was recently held on Saturday at the City Tattersalls Club, and hundreds of Australian beauty queens graced the prestigious red carpet much to the delight of keen photographers and various media personalities. The event was a joint collaboration between StarCentral Magazine and MS Events Group – wherein MS Events Group was the main producer of the event while StarCentral was the media partner.

The Australian Golden Sash Awards is a ceremony aimed at showcasing Australian beauty queens who have made the most outstanding contributions to the pageant industry during the year. This annual event is a first of its kind in Australia and in its inaugural year, the cream of the crop in the beauty pageant world attended the high profile industry event in their beautiful sashes and glittery crowns. If you want to find out who the winners and grinners were at the 2019 Australian Golden Sash Awards then scroll down below:

Best Children’s pageant of the year: WINNER – Follow your Dreams by Kylie Drew

Follow your Dreams by Kylie Drew

Australasia Official by Maryrose Salubre

Diamond Pageant by Morgan Mancini and Charlie Mancini

Future Faces Charity Pageant by Kim Cancellier

Best pageant dress company of the year: WINNER – Visage Boutique by Kim Cancellier

Miracle Agency by Wendy Liu

Charlestown Gorgeous Gown

Visage Boutique by Kim Cancellier


Best pageant hairstylist of the year: WINNER – Celle Dionisio

Visi Carlyon

Celle Dionisio

Emma Christine

Suzi Dent

Best pageant makeup artist of the year: WINNER – Visi Carlyon (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Samantha Ison

Visi Carlyon

Suzi Dent

Celle Dionisio

Best pageant Photographer of the year: WINNER – Raymond Bartholomeusz

Efren Padagas

Jim Kasif

Blake Jackson

Raymond Bartholomeusz

Best pageant host of the year: WINNER – Jojo Sebastian

MaryGrace Olegario

Jojo Sebastian

Anthony Wayne

Cole Sialeipata

Best Pageant Director of the year: WINNER – Charlie Mancini & Morgan Mancini

Jasmine Nichole

Hung Pham

Charlie Mancini & Morgan Mancini

Ferial Youakim

Best Pageant of the year: WINNER – Miss Diamond Australia

Miss International Australia

Miss World Australia

Miss Diamond Australia

Newcastle Miss Pageants

Social media queen of the year: WINNER – Analieze Bella Newton

Suzi Dent

Analieze Bella Newton

Ava Da Silva

Donemala Phanalasy

Miss Natural Beauty of the year: WINNER – Jasmine Grace Alessio

Sienna Cosgrove

Jasmine Grace Alessio

Paula Cuyugan

Madison Dowden

Charity queen of the year: WINNER – Chantelle O’Donohoe

Cora Bojarski

Sonny Turner

Chantelle O’Donohoe

Michelle Fleming

Miss Photogenic of the year: WINNER – Henna Perez

Kassandra Kashian

Henna Perez

Brielle Streater

Sangeetha Singh

Pageant king of the year: WINNER – Jordon King (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Anthony Wayne

Jordon King

Amit Singh

Eden Dally

International queen of the year (19 and below): WINNER – Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi (Photo Credit: Team LifePhotos)

Jasmine Grace Alessio

Indyanna-Rose Ciccone

Kaelyn Theresa Coker

Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi

International queen of the year (20 and above): WINNER – Sue Turner (Photo Credit: Team LifePhotos)

Robbie Canner

Sue Turner

Nina Robertson

Maddy May

Most Promising Newcomer of the year (little Miss category): WINNER – Serenity Charles (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Helena Ristevski

Serenity Charles

Maria Hall

Samantha Porsha

Most Promising Newcomer of the year (19 and below): WINNER – Summer Hogan

Patricia Tuivai

Summer Hogan

Madison Dowden

Jacquelyn Watts

Most Promising Newcomer of the year (20 and above): WINNER – Poonam Rani

Jen Louise

Jayde Crystal Wright

Poonam Rani

Nicole Smith

Humanitarian of the year (little Miss category): WINNER – Rica Lee Calimag

Emmy Gelardi-Bunyi

Rica Lee Calimag

Serenity Charles

Ailexah – Faye Bigorni

Humanitarian of the year (19 and below): WINNER – Kyla Sevilla Brack (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Arundhati Banerjee

Kyla Sevilla Brack

Sonny Turner

Ruby Adamson

Humanitarian of the year (20 and above): WINNER – Nathalie Nicole

Analieze Bella Newton

Nathalie Nicole

Jennifer Hunt

Leanne Potter

Ultimate Role model of the year (little Miss category): WINNER – Ellie Bojarski

Keana Kearns

Ailexa May

Ava Da Silva

Ellie Bojarski

Ultimate Role model of the year (19 and below): WINNER – Destiny Lyons (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Ruby Adamson

Nicola Mularczyk

Sienna Cosgrove

Destiny Lyons

Ultimate Role model of the year (20 and above): WINNER – Robbie Canner (Photo Credit: Ronell Amper)

Robbie Canner

Poonam Rani

Chantelle Odonohoe

Shaylah Bowman

Beauty Queen of the year (little miss category): WINNER – Ava Da Silva (Photo Credit: Team LifePhotos)

Serenity Charles

Chloe Lofthouse

Elli Bojarski

Ava Da Silva

Beauty Queen of the year (19 and below): WINNER – Kaelyn Theresa Coker

Kyla Sevilla Brack

Kaelyn Theresa Coker

Destiny Lyons

Arundhati Banerjee

Beauty Queen of the year (20 and above): WINNER – Cora Bojarski

Analieze Bella Newton

Sue Turner

Cora Bojarski

Chelsea-Anne Lewis

Miss Earth Australia 2019: And the Winner Is…

Seventeen worthy queens vied for a single crown on Sunday, September 8, 2019, and the coronation night turned out to be a smashing success!

The Miss Earth Australia 2019 coronation night went down at the grand ballroom in Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. This year’s cream of the crop for Miss Earth Australia consisted of Brihony Wells, Brittany Dickson, Chantelle Corby, Dela Amirikia, Gorisha Sharma, Mia Tran, Karyn Xie, Kerry Anne Peterson, Kristalea Dymott, Maddie Stock, Pauline Chapman, Peta Groves, Sheridan Mortlock, Sonia Kekatos, Susana Downes, Vena Raymond, and Yasmine Lintvelt.

This year’s competition also included musical performances from Sophie Dalisay and Makisig Morales. Last year’s winner, Monique Shippen decided to step down from her role as Miss Earth Australia 2018 so she handed the crown to Miss Earth Australia Air, Isabel Hislop who was on hand to pass her crown to the new Miss Earth Australia 2019, who will go on to represent Australia in the upcoming Miss Earth 2019 pageant.

Following a four-hour showdown of environmental speeches, gowns, glams and game-changing questions, here’s how things turned out for this year’s hopefuls…

From the left to right:

Miss Charity Australia 2019 – Brittany Dickson

– Green Achievers Award

Miss Water Australia 2019 – Karyn Xie

– Miss Friendship

– Best in Environmental Speech

Miss Earth Australia 2019 – Susana Downes

– Best in Talent

– Best in Evening Gown

– People choice award (online voting)

Miss Air Australia 2019 – Sheridan Mortlock

– Miss Photogenic

– The darling of the Press

Miss Fire Australia 2019 – Pauline Chapman

Congratulations to the current National Directors Juliet De Leon and Maria James and co-producer Marilou Gorga for pulling off an amazing night and hats off to the entire Miss Earth Australia 2019 team which consisted of Elmer Baylon and Joy Duca lead by Jas Lim – it was an amazing effort at a spectacular venue. Congratulations also to all the beautiful ladies and best of luck to the new Miss Earth Australia 2019 Susana Downes!

Beauty Queen Spotlight: Meet Miss Tonga Australia 2019 Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei

Ever since she was crowned Miss Tonga Australia, Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei has inspired many people around the country. Now, she plans to inspire many other people, helping women from the Pacific Islands reach their potential.

She first became involved in beauty pageants when she was approached by the director of Miss Tonga Australia Angela Lavaki. She decided to enter the competition and eventually, she ended up winning the crown. She admits that she thoroughly enjoyed her pageant experience, as it allowed her to grow as a person. For example, she has been able to develop more confidence as well as expand spiritually. One of the biggest lessons that she has learned is the importance of staying true to herself and her beliefs. However, the pageant experience has unfortunately also shown her the cruel nature of being in the limelight, as she received some cyberbullying because of who she is. Some online bullies were judging her based on her performance on the catwalk. Thankfully, the pageant experience has taught her about her self-worth. This enabled her to brush off upsetting online comments. Her success in the pageant industry has opened multiple opportunities for her to improve her community.

When Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei won Miss Tonga Australia she was presented with many prizes. However, one of the most fulfilling was giving her the chance to start a dialogue that would improve her community. For example, one of the first things she did was to attend a forum called “Tu-Pasifika: Your Inner Warrior”. This is aimed at starting a conversation about how women from the Pacific Islands can read their full potential. Throughout the event, she learned multiple important lessons, like the importance of creating spaces where young people feel empowered to speak up. She also learned the value of supporting young people, as they will be responsible for making future decisions. For this reason, she wants to use the rest of her reign to help increase the opportunities available to Pacific Islander women. She will do this by using various networking events to provide support to Pacific Islander businesses. She also wants to use these events to bring awareness to issues in her community.

Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei has a diploma of Event Management, which she plans to use to start a wedding consultancy business. In the future, she wants to own a wedding or event venue. She can be confident about achieving these dreams thanks to the strong support base she had amassed. From the many people who helped prepare her for the pageant to her parents, who continue to offer their full support. Thanks to their encouragement, Anna-Naseisa Ma’u Ma’ilei is making the most of her current title and becoming an inspiring figure to people in the Pacific Island community.